Leading Technology

Core Technologies

Fast and high precision temperature control technology based on power compensation

Solder system based on Windows system

Automatic detection technology of solder joint quality

Cloud-based soldering machine condition monitoring, fault warning and diagnosis technology

Non-standard plug-in soldering technology

Flexible wire soldering technology

Core competitiveness

Motion control algorithm

Image recognition algorithm

Solder pure algorithm process

Smart After-sales Cloud Platform

Core Competence

Advanced design tools: computer-aided design(CAD), finite element analysis, modal analysis, virtual prototyping, etc.

Precision Mechatronics System: Taking vibration, force balance, calibration and control components into consideration to design and analyze dynamic closed-loop systems with the latest analytical and measurement tools.

Visual System: Optical elements and photographs, position profile, motion detection.

Servo System: Trajectory planning, multi-axis synchronization and overlap motion, self-tuning and adaptive intelligent control, nonlinear error compensation

Temperature control system: original 600W high power welding system, high precision thermostat system, instantaneous temperature recovery system

Temperature Control

Temperature control in soldering process

1. The heating core is automatically adjusted according to the temperature of soldering tip and according to the detected temperature to determine if the solder tip should be heated.

2.After the welding of the spot, the indicator will flash and record the quantity and location of the welding spots.

3. The iron head leaves the solder joint and prepares for the next action.

Sleep function of temperature control system

When the program detects that the device has no running commend occurs for a long time (can be set), and the system triggers the sleep command according to the logic. the commend is sent to the thermostat by the industrial computer to perform the sleep function for reducing the oxidation of the iron head during the welding.

Set the temperature (can also be used together with the automatic shutdown)

Sleep Release

Manually trigger contact button

Sleep Function

You can manually set how long the machine stops running and then trigger the sleep function.

Sleep wake-up button setting

Sleep Function

Auto Shutdown function of temperature control system

Device Shutoff by sleep function
Big Data Platform

Big Data Platform Ruichi Robot Big Data Platform

Detection Syestem

Ruichi Robot Detection System for Soldering Points

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